Spoon Theory

SPOON THEORY is a metaphor relating to the amount of energy we have, both mental and physical to undertake tasks of daily living. It is used by people living with disability or chronic ill health. The theory was devised by Christine Miserandino who struggles with Lupus, a condition that causes the body to attack its own immune system.

Christine was trying to visually explain to a friend, using a pile of spoons, how she must plan her daily activities whilst living with chronic illness. She used spoons to represent units of energy. She gave her friend a big pile of spoons for the start of the day. As her friend described her daily tasks, the things that most people take for granted, Christine would ask her to hand over an appropriate amount of spoons. For example, she may allocate one spoon to getting up, two spoons for getting washed, another spoon for getting dressed. As her day progressed her friend soon realised that she had almost run out of spoons before she had even left the house. Her friend asked if she could have more spoons, to which Christine replied “no”. People living with chronic ill health have no way to access additional energy resources. This was a powerful way to illustrate the importance of pacing activities for someone living with chronic ill health.

This website is dedicated to all SPOONIE WARRIORS, those living with chronic ill health. Each recipe has been devised with a spoon rating so that you can tailor it to your individual needs. Recipes rated 1 spoon will require the least amount of energy. Those rated 2 spoons will require moderate energy levels and those rated 3 spoons will require a little more effort. I have also tried to include a number of batch cooking recipes which will be useful on days when you have 0 spoons.

Spoons based recipes are a great way to eat healthy based on your daily capacity.

Search for recipes based on how many spoons you have today.

1 spoon – too tired, minimal effort required

2 spoons – feeling OK, moderate effort required

3 spoons- on days when life is good and you have more energy

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