Fibro Flares, Be Kind

It has been a little while since my last blog post and following a minor fibro flareup I thought this would be a good opportunity to put pen to paper (so to speak) and get things off my chest.

The reason for my flareup, which led to a migraine and a duvet day, was that I had spent almost a week without any respite from activities; whether it was working on the website, creating new recipes or just the daily tasks of living such as grocery shopping and housework, I hadn’t stopped to take a breath. But, the icing on the cake had been a quite stressful interaction with someone on Facebook about one of my recent posts.

I surprised myself the other day when I realised that I have nearly been doing this for a year. It was just before last Christmas that I started, very slowly and quietly, with a few posts on Instagram. I hadn’t even told my friends or family what I was doing. The reason behind this was I had very little confidence. In addition to my physical capabilities, chronic illness, in the form of Fibromyalgia had also stolen much of my emotional strength as well. As time progressed however my sense of achievement grew as I took bolder steps in putting myself out there. My thought process had gone from a perspective of “who would be interested in me and what I have to say” to one where I feel more inspired to interact and engage with other people who may have empathy for someone in my situation. Outside of my “work” I also joined a support group, my “fibro family” and attend a weekly stretch class which has helped to improve my confidence and reduced my isolation. Things seemed to be going well, but I soon realised that it didn’t take much to upset the balance.

I am not really someone who buys into the plethora of positive affirmations uploaded and shared across social media. I accept and pass no judgement on people for whom this strategy works but it’s just not helpful to me. What I will say however is a big, heartfelt thank you to all those individuals who take the time to try and support others who may be vulnerable or experiencing challenges in their lives, whether it is on social media platforms or in a support group, as that is all I aim to achieve as well.

I must clarify that I have no problem with anyone who disagrees with my point of view or with what I am doing as the Fibro Food Fairy, all I would ask is that you show a little kindness and empathy. I must admit I was a little shocked when this heated exchange became personal and this particular individual questioned whether I had Fibromyalgia as it “didn’t sound like I had a disability” knowing nothing about me or my situation. It is bad enough when the medical profession fail to acknowledge the condition let alone someone who is a fellow sufferer.

I would like to thank all my supporters, fellow spoonies and fibro warriors and to all those who question my motives, intentions or my disability, take some time to consider how your actions affect other people. Think before you speak!!

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