Day 11 FIBRO FOD 45

So, I must admit that I’m feeling a little disenchanted with this low FODMAP map challenge. It is day 11, which I know is still pretty early days, but I haven’t noticed any real change in my symptoms and I still feel bloated and uncomfortable after meals. I am beginning to wonder if maybe I’m just eating too much?

Having just got back from holiday where you are encouraged to have a three-course meal every day maybe I have just put on more weight than I am willing to admit. I have purposely avoided weighing myself as ultimately this elimination diet is more about improving my health and not shifting the pounds. However, it would be nice if I didn’t feel like I was carrying a food baby after mealtimes.

In addition to that I am beginning to think that I have possibly set myself an impossible challenge. Following a low FODMAP diet is challenging enough but eliminating nightshades entirely has made it extremely difficult and offers you few options in terms of creativity.

Although I know it is for a limited period and have accepted that meals may get a little repetitive the biggest thing I am worried about is what if it doesn’t work? I must admit that strange as it may seem this would feel like a bit of a failure. Friends, family are extremely supportive and are somewhat in awe of the lengths that I will go to to improve my health with comments such as… “Yes, but it will be worth it if it works!” But what if it doesn’t?

Right, so now for the pep talk:

  1. Day 11 of 45 is too early to assess any improvement to my symptoms!
  2. Even though it may not feel like it at times keeping a food diary has been a real positive step. It will help me to identify food sensitivities; whether FODMAP related or not and maybe I do need to consider portion sizes.
  3. Following a low FODMAP diet has allowed me to reduce the amount of sugar that I consume. Although I never ate refined sugar previously, I absolutely love, love, love fruit, especially dried fruits and “healthy” smoothies. Although I know that fruit is nutritious and good for us it is also good to keep an eye on how much we consume and in what form. Ideally, we should be consuming more fruit in its natural state i.e. not dried or blended in smoothies. As dried fruit can ferment in our tummies and fruit blended in smoothies releases sugar more easily in our bodies.
  4. Lastly, yes, it is challenging to think of new recipes when you cut out food staples such as onions, garlic, many spices, tomatoes, potatoes and peppers but that does make it all the more satisfying when you manage to pull it off. Keeping it simple and going back to basics doesn’t have to be boring.

My advice to anyone on a low FODMAP challenge of their own is:

  1. Stay positive it’s only for a few weeks!
  2. It is good to occasionally pause, take stock and evaluate the things that ultimately affect our health and well-being i.e. the food that we eat.
  3. Don’t try to forecast the results prematurely. I have always been impatient, give your body the time it needs to respond and to feel better. I’ll let you know how I get on. x

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