About me


Thank you for taking the time to visit the Fibro Food Fairy website. I’m Charlie Davies, also known as the Fibro Food Fairy. I have Fibromyalgia, a chronic health condition that makes it difficult for me to carry out tasks of daily living without feeling pain and fatigue (click here for more information about the condition).

Whilst there is currently no recommended diet for the treatment of fibromyalgia health practitioners will generally agree that good nutrition is incredibly important for anyone suffering with chronic ill-health. To that end I pay great attention to what I eat, I try to be healthy and I also follow a diet that is free from dairy and gluten. Whilst there is some research to suggest that this approach may be beneficial for people living with the condition the main reason that I have chosen to change my eating habits in this way is that since doing so I have noticed an improvement in my symptoms. When I have included the odd bit of dairy or gluten here and there it has usually come at a cost. Therefore following a diet that is free from dairy and gluten is a strategy that works for me. The point I am making is that you have to do what is right for you and I would not advise cutting out any foods as long as they are not detrimental to your health. I digress… you’ll find I do that quite often.

I decided to set up this website as a resource that would provide recipes ideas prompted initially by requests from friends and family wanting to prepare suitable meals for me. Being a self-confessed foodie it was also an opportunity to get creative, cook pretty much all of the time and provide support to others in the process.

All of the recipes on the website are both dairy and gluten free and are, in the main, healthy and nutritious. Believe it or not I have even cunningly found a health benefit to melt in the middle molten chocolate puddings! Taking into account that people with fibromyalgia suffer with chronic fatigue I also aim to make the recipes easy to prepare, with quick win options and batch cooking freezer fillers for days when energy reserves are low and defrosting is the only option.

In addition to information about food and recipes I have also provided some information about fibromyalgia, what it’s like to live with the condition in the blog section and support organisations that may be useful.

At this point I think its important to mention that I am no expert in the treatment or management of the condition. I do not have any clinical training and I am no expert in health or nutrition. Put simply I am an expert only by experience. As someone who takes a proactive approach to my own health and well-being I do a lot of reading and research into what may be helpful, or just as importantly, what may be harmful. Whilst I cannot guarantee that your symptoms will improve as mine have, I can guarantee that the information I have given is from reliable resources and support a healthy lifestyle.

Anyway, enough of the waffle, it is time to get cooking!!!